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Seven tips for testing online casinos


The gambling business has been responsible for many years, and some shady image. We are talking about fraud, robberies and crimes both in offline and online casinos. However, the fact that much has changed in the field of online gambling in recent years is not on everyone's mind. Stricter rules and laws make it much more difficult to cheat on the Internet, so users only need to feel insecure in exceptional cases. Since even the strictest rules leave loopholes, being responsible and attentive to online offers is still important. The following seven tips will help you identify fraudulent trends in online casinos.



1. Study independent tests


Internet customers are definitely on their side. Incorrect customer votes and fraud cases quickly spread through information portals. Anyone who is engaged in the neutral tests before registering and carefully read them, to protect themselves from fraud. Many test providers take verification very seriously and are tough on scammers. "Bonus conditions that cannot be met, delay or refusal to pay, lack of a license, or unjustified blocking of the player's account after winning.»

Another sign of seriousness is the length of time the casino has already been in existence and the number of active users. Questionable providers are hard to keep thanks to a good information policy and disappear very quickly.


2. Keep track of the withdrawal time


Anyone who successfully performed in an online casino and managed to make a profit is initially considered lucky. With reputable suppliers who transfer money quickly, it will remain so. However, the situation is different if weeks or even months pass between winning and paying out. Then the idea of deliberate delay is obvious. If it takes a disproportionate amount of time to Deposit profits, and customers have to constantly ask for and chase their money, this speaks in favor of an unreliable approach. Then it is only recommended to switch to another provider.


3. Take a look at the license.


The best indicator of seriousness in an online casino is a license. A provider whose website does not contain links to a valid license with the corresponding license number may not have official permission at all. This can lead to big problems. The refusal of a license is not always obvious, because many dodgy providers are denied a license, and they still try to engage in online gambling. Therefore, users should always pay attention to the license and its origin. EU licenses are considered particularly serious because the casino is subject to European laws. However, if the casino has a non-European license, such as a Costa Rican license, the risk of fraud increases.


4. Carefully read the bonus terms and conditions.


One of the areas which were not regulated by law in the online casinos is the bonuses. With their help, providers try to make themselves as attractive as possible for the client and stand out from the crowd. However, with bonuses, the devil is in the conditions that are associated with them. This ensures that the client must first take an active part in the website before they can withdraw the bonus amount. However, in a reputable casino, this obstacle is not difficult to overcome. The bonus terms often provide that the amount of the bonus and the Deposit a customer needs to be implemented several times. About twenty or even 25 times. If a 25x rollout is required, the client will need to convert the full 2,500 euros with a bonus of 50 euros and the same Deposit before the bonus is credited.

If the bonus conditions are set up in such a way that they are almost impossible to fulfill, for example, because the time window is too small or the turnover requirements are too high, this indicates fraudulent intent. However, the signs are good if the online casino does not set time limits and also allows you to opt out of the bonus. As a rule, all information about the bonus can be read in the relevant conditions. If they are missing or incomplete, users should choose a different provider.


5. Check customer service


To make sure that the casino benefits its customers, many users test the customer service they offer before making their first Deposit. This is a very smart move, because it shows how much the supplier cares about the customer's well-being. If it is easy to contact employees by phone, chat or email, and the client does not need to wait long for an answer to their questions, then this is a serious supplier. However, if a client needs to be sent from one queue to another, their emails will not be answered, and they will only receive unreliable and inaccurate feedback on their questions, it is better to refrain.


6. Read the terms of use.

There are always General conditions in the portfolio of a reliable supplier. They reveal some important details of the online casino's procedure and intentions. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read all the articles and understand any contradictions. The famous fine print is also often the cause of fraud. It States, for example, that the casino is not obligated to pay out higher winnings immediately and in full, that bonuses are tied to unreasonable conditions, or that the customer is obligated to do something they don't want to do. The terms and conditions of a reputable online casino also contain information about player protection.


7. Carefully read the website.


Users can find evidence of questionable intentions if they look closely at the casino's website. It must contain not only the terms and conditions and the data protection Declaration, but also a valid fingerprint. It also shows what payment methods the casino offers. If you can find secure options like PayPal, this speaks in favor of the provider.




The bad image that casinos and gambling in General had in the past is no longer justified. Online casinos in South Africa https://greatcasino.co.za/best-online-casino/ this is a popular entertainment among the adult population, which is why it is necessary to be able to analyze this niche. Meanwhile, fraud is almost impossible due to extensive regulation. However dubious and greedy service providers are trying to find loopholes. But if you pay attention to the mentioned tips, such as customer service, bonus terms and conditions, terms and conditions, payout time, website and license, and study independent tests, you can easily detect fraud in an online casino.